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With the “Amalgam” project, we connect the music of the Orient to the music of the Occident by means of artistic collaboration in order to create modern, contemporary, new (classical) music. 


Idea for the Concert

Composers have always been interested in music from foreign lands. In my opinion, the musical influence from other cultures could be much greater in classical contemporary music. I believe that only a part of the modern compositional movement will be based on even more abstraction or even higher complexity. Another style, stemming from globalization, migration and the wonderful possibility of being able to hear music from all over the world, will contain a mixture of cultures and create new, fantastic works in this area. I am excited about exactly this inspiration as I think it is particularly rich. For this reason, I would like to play a small part in it and, in doing so, encourage my fellow human beings even more to see the effect of cultural exchange as enrichment. 


Implementation of the Concert

Meetings were organized in advance where composers and musicians came together (for this concert there were mostly people from Persia) to hear and play oriental instruments and to get to know their playing style. Together the composers developed ideas for new compositions which they are currently writing.


New Compositions

At the concert, these completed, all-new compositions are then performed. These compositions are thus works by composers (influenced by the western world), inspired by music from Iran and the Arabic region.


Traditional Music

In addition to these new works, we also want to hear original music from Iran: firstly, to listen to this wonderful music and secondly, to experience the direct comparison of traditional music with the new compositions. 


Presentation and Discussion

During the concert, the host will lead discussions with the musicians and composers about the works and instruments. Questions from the audience are greatly welcome.

Housam Abo Essa and Pia Davila were invited to the 2019 New Year's reception of the Federal President at Bellevue Palace due to their work with refugees.