Pia Davila



State Opera Hamburg - Lorenzo Romano - La Luna

Although the moon shines, it does not use any energy. Its surface reveals a man, bent under a heavy burden. However, it is merely the play of shadows and light. The moon causes spring-tides, makes us moon-struck, and by its light, people are transformed into wolves. Since ancient times, humanity dreamed of flying to the moon, suspecting that it harboured invaluable hoards of gold, and wondering what might be happening on the “dark side of the moon”, hidden from the earthlings’ view. In fact, the moon is dusty and cold as ice. All our fantasies about it were warmer and more exciting. For a short while, misshapen earthlings toppled across its surface, then all was quiet again. Ever since, the moon has waited, full of misgivings, for tourists, or has feared an invasion, because the creatures living on that blue ball down there have managed to mess up their climate, big-time.


Director: Ron Zimmering

Sets: Ute Radler

Costumes: Benjamin Burgunder

Video: Jonas Link

Sound Durection, Live electronics: Davide Gagliardi

Dramaturgy: Johannes Blum


Fri, Jun. 24, 2022, 8.00 pm
Sat, Jun. 25, 2022, 7.00 pm
Tue, Jun. 28, 2022, 8.00 pm
Fri, Jul. 01, 2022, 8.00 pm
Sat, Jul. 02, 2022, 7.00 pm
Sun, Jul. 03, 2022, 7.00 pm