Pia Davila


abo.ut me

Singing. The joy of sound.   The flavor of words.   Seeking. The beauty of clarity. p.s.d.ch. Finely-spun sound. Adherence to the text. Accurate trills. Body work. Infinite lines. Breath. O and rests. Unbiased listening.    New ideas.   Creative concerns.   On to new adventures.  New music.   New forms.  Nothing is old. Tender. 

Searching together.     Initiate compositions. So many cultures.   Listen to everything.   Keep going.   Quality. 

Monteverdi, Merula, Bach, Haydn, Debussy, Chaminade, Stravinsky, Henze, XY.   A lot of friends.     A lot of joy. 





WIR SIND SUPER STOLZ, dass LIEDMOVIE im Finale von #LIEDINNOVATION2021 des RHONEFESTIVAL ist! Ergebnisse gibt es bald! 

CD Release on the 8.1.2021

 Debut-CD with Eric Schneider, Andreas Nachtsheim, Lorenzo Romano and Aigerim Seilova with compositions of Merula, Romano, Debussy and Seilova.

Pia Salome Bohnert hat ihren Namen im April 2019 zu Pia Davila geändert.

Pia Salome Bohnert has changed her name  in April 2019 to Pia Davila.